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Categories: | | February 27th, 2016
COH2 UI Asset Browser is a tool I created a good while ago for browsing all the icons used in the game. I studied the .gfx fileformat by looking at JPEXS Free Flash Decompiler's source code (java) and wrote my own implementation of .gfx parser in C#, with the focus on features used by COH2.




  • Download and extract COH2 UI Asset Browser somewhere, for example to your desktop
  • Extract UIHigh.sga ENTIRELY somewhere if you already haven't (Launch Company of Heroes 2 Tools, select Tools->Archive Viewer, in the archive viewer open UIHigh.sga (located in <STEAM>\steamapps\common\Company of Heroes 2\CoH2\Archives) and extract it by right-clicking "UIHigh.sga" in the treeview and select Extract)
  • Run Janne252.COH2.UIAssetBrowser.exe
  • Select File->Open and browse to <WHERE YOU EXTRACTED UIHigh.sga<\UIHigh.sga\data\ui\bin\coh2ui.gfx, select it.
  • Done! You can start by typing something in the searcbox.
    • Right-click an image in the list or treeview to export it.
    • Multi-select by holding down Ctrl, extract all selected icons at once by right-clicking one of the selected icons and select Export
    • Export ALL icons by selecting "File->Export All"
    • Click More.. for advanced filters: Icon width, height, parent (If you are looking for an icon from one of the spritesheets/texture atlases located in <WHERE YOU EXTRACTED UIHigh.sga>\UIHigh.sga\data\ui\assets\textures)
Categories: | February 21st, 2016
You can view a list of my Company of Heroes 2 Workshop items on my Steam Workshop page.

So far I have created:
  • Maps (Scripted CO-OP missions and standard multiplayer maps)
  • Gamemodes
  • Skins
  • Faceplates
  • Decals
Categories: | | February 21st, 2016
RazorFinnish and I have been modding the Far Cry series since the second game, mostly thanks to Gibbed's tools.
For Far Cry 4, we set up a custom website where visitors have access to the various kinds of assets they need for modding the game, like a project template for Far Cry 4.

I also made my Far Cry 4 Editor Mod available there.

As for the future of this project.. We pretty much lost interest (for several reasons, mainly for FC4's custom map publication system being ridiculously underdeveloped and badly designed). However I will personally make sure this site stays up for as long as it's necessary. >> Project Index