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#11 March 20th, 2016, 13:06 PM Janne252
Everything that is possible and how to make use of it.

That is indeed something I pursue quite often when I'm coming up with new modding ideas for COH2. I suppose that's something I have kinda acquired over the years by trying out different kinds of ideas.

Usually when I'm about to find out whether or not something is possible, I start by searching through the SCARDOC. (I have hosted a copy of it here: If there are matches for what I'm trying to do, I then proceed to scan the game .scar files for references. How the specific function is used by Relic and in what context. That's usually enough. Sometimes scanning RelicCOH2.exe for new, undocumented SCAR functions helps as well.

To conclude, my modding resources are the SCARDOC and ALL .scar files extracted from the game files.
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