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Categories: | | March 1st, 2016
I have yet to decide (March 1st, 2016) whether or not I should get Far Cry Primal (shortened to "Primal" for the rest of this blog post). If the game would at least feature a CO-OP mode it would be easier to justify the full triple-A title pricing, which in European Rupees is 59,99€.

However I'm a long-time modder of the Far Cry Series (since Far Cry 2 ) and the game certainly has some potential on the modding front.

A fried of mine was kind enough to provide some Primal .fat files. Here's what I've found out so far:

  • Primal's FAT version is 9, which is exactly the same as Far Cry 4's.

  • All the usual archives are present, including common and patch.

  • My most recent set of filelists for Far Cry 4 archives results 1384 (36,81%) known files of 3760 for common.fat, which is pretty good compared to Far Cry 4's common.fat: 89,73% (2944/3281)

Based on the findings above, Primal should be mod-able, assuming Ubisoft hasn't decided to surprise us with a protection against edited .dat/.fat files.

Later today (March 1st) RazorFinnish received a copy of the Primal common.dat and common.fat files. An attempt to unpack the common.dat with Gibbed's Dunia2 tools revealed at least 2 critical differences to Far Cry 4 .fat/.dat format:

  • Platform identifier (PC) in the .fat header now seems to be 0x01040000 instead of 0x01030000

  • ZLib compression for .dat entries appears to use a different version, incompatible with Gibbed's Dunia2 Tools.

Hopefully these obstacles can be cleared - allowing Far Cry Primal modding to officially begin. Stay tuned for upcoming updates. >> Blog Index >> Category: Mods