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I have yet to decide (March 1st, 2016) whether or not I should get Far Cry Primal (shortened to "Primal" for the rest of this blog post). If the game would at least feature a CO-OP mode it would be easier to justify the full triple-A title pricing, which in European Rupees is 59,99€.

However I'm a long-time modder of the Far Cry Series (since Far Cry 2 ) and the game certainly has some potential on the modding front.

A fried of mine was kind enough to provide some Primal .fat files. Here's what I've found out so far:

  • Primal's FAT version is 9, which is exactly the same as Far Cry 4's.

  • All the usual archives are present, including common and patch.

  • My most recent set of filelists for Far Cry 4 archives results 1384 (36,81%) known files of 3760 for common.fat, which is pretty good compared to Far Cry 4's common.fat: 89,73% (2944/3281)

Based on the findings above, Primal should be mod-able, assuming Ubisoft hasn't decided to surprise us with a protection against edited .dat/.fat files.

Later today (March 1st) RazorFinnish received a copy of the Primal common.dat and common.fat files. An attempt to unpack the common.dat with Gibbed's Dunia2 tools revealed at least 2 critical differences to Far Cry 4 .fat/.dat format:

  • Platform identifier (PC) in the .fat header now seems to be 0x01040000 instead of 0x01030000

  • ZLib compression for .dat entries appears to use a different version, incompatible with Gibbed's Dunia2 Tools.

Hopefully these obstacles can be cleared - allowing Far Cry Primal modding to officially begin. Stay tuned for upcoming updates.
#1 March 6th, 2016, 13:59 PM JRavens
Hey Janne! Glad to see you and RazorFinnish are on the job :D

Let us know if you make any progress. Would be wonderful to be able to adjust resource requirements and XP levels as this Far Cry game is wayyy too short and easy.

I did encounter the same errors as you with trying to unpack the dat files. I approached Rick/Gibbed and gifted him a copy of the game. He said he would look at it, but couldn't make any promises about when.

I'm really torn about this game. I think it's the weakest entry in some ways and in others it's quite good so *maybe* with modding it could be a decent far Cry survival experience. Dunno. At any rate kudos to you guys for always being at the forefront of Far Cry modding. Looking forward to whatever you can do. :)

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#2 March 6th, 2016, 22:46 PM Janne252
Hey JRavens, and thanks for dropping by! You are not the only one who has reached Gibbed regarding Far Cry Primal. Thanks for providing him a copy of the game.

Primal has some interesting developments and improvements that somehow make it feel like the PC version was *designed* for PC. The game indeed has some potential for modding (read: improving). Like the functionality of "reviving" your dead beast by throwing 3 red flowers into the air. Who's bright idea was that? Pre-historical, disposable hit-man. >> Blog Index >> View Blog Post